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My cousin is a street dude, he knows the streets in and out so much I told him he needs to teach a class. One night I'm at his house playing dominos with him and some of his friends. Around 3:00 a.m. one of his friends get's ready to leave. Before he walk out the door my cousin gave him some dap and told him to practice safe sex. I start laughing, I was like he going to meet up with some girl. My cousin say no, that practice safe sex is a street term. I ask him what does it mean, he told me that he's basically reminding his homeboy not to go out in these streets without his gun. To protect himself so nobody can fu#k him, SAFE SEX. Important message you don't how grow up like my cousin and his friends. Worrying about practicing safe sex if you go to school and college doing something positive with your life. True Story.

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