You Got Baby Money

Image of You Got Baby Money


I was in the club one night. Talking to a good looking woman, when this hater comes out of nowhere. Trying to interrupt the conversation I was having with her. So I shut up and let him get his mack on. As he's talking to her feeding her bullsh#t. I look down at this hater shoes. This clown was wearing some fake J's, me and the girl start laughing at him. He's arguing with me trying to convince me his J's are real and he has plenty money. He wears designer clothes, 1 problem the logo on his J's was upside down. I basically told him He Got Baby Money. This is why the logo is upside down on the sneakers and it says AIR FAKES. This t-shirt is dedicated to him,haters and people wearing fake stuff. True Story.

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Printed on 100% cotton.